Saturday, September 27, 2008

Your Pet Will Not Be In Heaven

This may come as a surprise to some of you but, just in case you don't know, your pet has no soul. This of course leaves millions of people wondering "What will happen to my pet after the rapture?"
Unfortunately millions of pets will suddenly find themselves without owners, unattended and left to starve within their own homes and backyards. Assuming you believe in the rapture of all Christians will happen, how should a pet owner then plan for the care of their pets after the rapture?

Check out this guy I found on Craigslist>Kansas City

Pet Rapture Insurance

Who knew Jesus was a pet hater?


Steve said...

I love to debate these kind of people! But you know, did Jesus ever have a kind word to say about animals ... ever?! Seriously though, it's another chance to hold my head up high while someone pokes me and my faith in the chest with their long, cold, bony finger.

Rock on at church today!!!

andy h. said...

Craig Groeschel at life church did a series of FAQ's about christianity and things like that and one of the questions was will my pet go to heaven. he was like "my mom is going to kill me for this but NO" it was funny

Anonymous said...

I love my dog A LOT! The best dog a farmer could ever have! I am sure that when I am standing before Our Lord, my mind will not be on my dog.