Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday Question Of the Week

My wife and I are starting a new workout program together. Unfortunately with the new program comes a new way of eating healthy which in turn means most of my favorite restaurants are now banned. I guess thats the price you pay for being healthy. The one I will miss the most is my favorite Mexican establishment Compadre's. They have the best Chips and Salsa this side of the Red River. I usually eat there two or three times a week so this will be a major adjustment for me. So in memory of all my old eating habits here is the Question of the Week.

Tuesday Question Of the Week # 5

Where is your favorite place to eat out?



Steve said...

Redrock Canyon Grill ... the stuffed poblano is incredible ... a poblano stuffed with black beans, pulled chicken, grilled vegetables, monterey jack and smoked cheddar cheese ... it's then breaded, deep-fried and served on salsa verde topped with chipotle sour cream!

Greg T. said...

Theres this place I've known for about 28 years now, its called Casa De Momma's and it has amazing grub!


panera bread.

having a great deal of change just ahead on the horizon, i've decided to re-evaluate and do some goal setting within health, finances, business, etc.

look for my blog to be hitting the scene sometime soon. i'm expecting some blog love.

Ap said...

mmm, you know I love Compadre's also! As well as Olive Garden and Applebee's. Thank Goodness come November, we will be able to eat at these places without any guilt! I love you, and thanks for the support during this. You are amazing!